From: Frank and Sherry Rock
28 April 2004

Attention: Mr. James Guion

Subject: Letter of appreciation

Reference: 1.) Hot Tub Room Addition, New Roof, and Siding Project, Spring of 2001
2.) In Law Apartment and Two Car Garage Addition Project, Spring of 2003

Dear Jim,

On behalf of my wife Sherry and I, we wish to thank you, your crew, and your subcontractors for their outstanding performance in completing the above referenced projects at our home located in Hilton New York.

The quality of craftsmanship employed throughout the completion of our projects, was in our opinion, truly superior.

However, above and beyond the superior quality of craftsmanship, we appreciated the professionalism displayed by not only yourself, but also your entire team.

Of perhaps even greater importance, we appreciated the manner in which our home and surrounding property was treated during the construction process. As intrusive as a major construction project can be, your team did everything possible, from insuring any opened sections of our home were closed off to outdoor elements, to meticulously cleaning up the work area each night prior to departing for the day. This too was very much appreciated by our neighbors.

Programmatically speaking, Guion Construction fulfilled all of its contractual commitments on schedule and within the agreed to budget.

In closing, Sherry and I have contracted the services of Guion Construction on two separate occasions now. In both occasions, we have been 100 % satisfied with Guion Construction's performance.

It is as a result of this outstanding performance, that we plan to contract Guion Construction in the winter of 2004, for the development and construction of a new facility for our growing business "Sherrock Forest Tree Farm and Nursery".

In the nearer term, we would welcome the opportunity to share our experiences with any potential new Guion Construction clients. Please don't hesitate to provide name, address, and phone number as a reference to any future customers.

Sincerely, Frank and Sherry Rock

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