From: Greg Thompson

Jim Guion of Guion Construction has built two houses for my family. The first, in 1993, he was the subcontractor who framed the house. The second one, in 2000, he acted as the general contractor.

Jim has put together a competent and helpful list of people and businesses that he uses as suppliers and subcontractors, who are a complement to what he offers. They'll show you good quality lighting, flooring, windows, siding and everything in between .In any price range your budget will allow.

I highly recommend utilizing Jim's number of years in residential construction to your advantage. He brings Craftsmanship, knowledge and experience to every job he does. He'll keep you on track and on budget while providing the highest level of quality and customer service you could ask for in a contractor. If that weren't enough he's a nice guy too!

Feel free to call for a reference.
Greg Thompson
Spencerport, NY

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