From: Philip and AnneMarie Race
Hilton, NY
January 2005

To Whom It May Concern,

Last spring we decided to undertake our own version of "Extreme Make Over - Home Edition". The original standing structure was a disaster. We knew that the remodeling project would be a huge undertaking. After meeting with Tom Doughty, the architect that Jim Guion recommended, we redesigned the home to meet our needs while working around the existing framework. Structurally, there were problems that needed to be addressed. The garage needed to come down, and much of the house needed to be completely redone. In reality, the project turned into a demolition and rebuild. While the job wasn't done in seven days, Jim kept the project to a respectable 120 day time frame. Demolition began in early August and we began to move in during mid December.

Jim said he likes to make the process stress free and he kept his word. My husband Phil always says a man is only as good as his word. Jim patiently answered questions and requests alike. He deals with quality contractors and he took responsibility for the completed project meeting our high standards. I was most impressed by the fact that Jim was proactive when issues or questions arose. After the project was complete Jim stopped by to see if everything was going well and has followed up promptly and thoroughly to any concerns or questions . I think that says a lot about Jim Guion and Guion Construction. Jim is a hands on builder that takes prides in his work.

I would recommend him to others and hire him again in fact, we already have.

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